tools windows

Many applications have ‘tool’ windows, often times preference dialogs and such. For some reason in my fvwm, they appear with NoTitle. I haven’t set that explicitly, and usally I don’t mind. But some apps, such as inkscape, have these titleless windows with no way to get out of them other than being closed by the window manager. Is there a way to specify a style for such windows?

I don’t know much about good user interface practices, but I’m guessing that child windows with no “OK” or “Close” buttons are considered a no no because of instances like this.

Jay K

You can use the FvwmIdent module to get the Name, Class and Resource of such a window. Then you can set the style DecorateTransient on the windows to make fvwm decorate them.

You might want to set

Style [i]ClassOfInkskape[/i] DecorateTransient

to get Fvwm to decorate the transient Inkscape windows as that’s what I suppose they are.

Or better yet, Style * DecorateTransient
so you don’t have to define it for every app separately.

thanks for the response… I hadn’t taken the time to figure out what transient windows are :slight_smile: So, now my question is can you decorate these transient windows differently? ie, can you do something like this?

Style TransientWindows .... 

That might be fun.

Jay K

I guess you can use FvwmEvent module to catch each window creation, and change its style (using WindowStyle) on the fly depending it is transient or not (ThisWindow (Transient) WindowStyle …).