Topic deleted!!??? (criticism!)

Hmm… I’ve posted an announce for LiSt - Linux Statistics ( a few hours ago, but now it is gone!

I’ve posted this announcement on many discussion forums which are related to linux and software for linux. But no discussion forum has deleted this announcement before! Only here, in the fvwm forum it was deleted now!

But why??
I’ve posted it in “the tavern”, where for example offtopic is allowed!

That’s really very sad, because this is a really good thing for every linux user and you, the developers of fvwm can see there, how many people are using fvwm.

Everybody was pleased to hear from such a project… only here it seems not to be welcome.

Really sad… :frowning:

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–> Moved from The tavern (well, criticism is more something for About the Forum, non? (oh no, I’m starting to sound like Marcel Gagné :wink:))[/color]

When did you post it? Re-post it, if it’s not here now. Bear in mind
that whilst off-topic chatter is allowed in this section of the forum, I
am a little hesitant about allowing periphery advertising. We’re a forum
primarily about FVWM – and not a promotionist mechanism for all and
sundry for projects which use Linux in some way.

Note also that posts can be deleted without explanation. I am not saying this is what has happened here. More than likely there was an intermittent error.

– Thomas Adam

Okay… I’ve posted it again…
Lets look how long it lives now.

It’s definitely entered – I just checked the raw database. I don’t agree with the content of it, though.

Thomas Adam.

Hmm, I definately didn’t delete that topic (I haven’t been able to pop in for about two days), so something must have gone wrong in you posting as me and Thomas are the only active ones able to delete topics from the Tavern…



Well… okay, doesn’t matter…
please delete this topic here - it doesn’t look very good for your users. :wink:

Actually I like it, so it stays.

– Thomas Adam