Totally Sweet FVWM Screenshot

Of course they do – just send in your screenshot via email to:

with a little caption about it (optional).

Interesting. I see from your screenshot my reputation preceeds me.

– Thomas Adam

that has got to be the ugliest screenshot I have ever seen.

:wink: :smiley:

i see 8 years of use didnt do you much :smiley::smiley: kidding…if you like it, its cool.

Cool feat the recursive menu, but has no use as far as i can tell…

PS: link…so true :smiley:

I’m disappointed in you two – it’s his window manager configuration, hence it suits him. You aren’t using it…

– Thomas Adam

I was just messing with him :smiley:

Im sure people think mine looks ugly. To each his own. Whats your config look like ThomasAdams?

It’s “Thomas Adam” (note the non-pluralisation of my surname).

See this thread: viewtopic.php?t=152

– Thomas Adam

as i said: if he likes it, i’m ok with it.

He uses Emacs, so it has to be beautiful (:wink:)

But seriously the recursive menu is pretty cool. The cleanness (or bareness) of it all even beats Thomas’ setup.

Bare and functional, something I’ve come to appreciate myself over the past months (mainly due to not having the time to mess around with decors for days…).

Just a little request, could you provide a thumbnail linking to the full screenshot or turn the image into a link? It’s kind of hard to read comments if you have to scroll all the way…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

No transparency/translucency/trans…, almost-naked-underage-manga-girl-wallpaper, useless bars with 4 icons, macos x mimics, that has to be ugly and |_|||1337

BTW I loooooooove it, seriously, some of us were born in times when speed was considered and TK/TCL and motif ruled, and aproach: well it’s cost of progerss it has to be slow to deliver “features” because programmer time is expansive and hardware is cheap. If you don’t get it try this some consider small boobs to be beautifull and some big’uns and nobody says your GF boobs look horrible dump her.

I don’t get it. I suspect you won’t be getting laid anytime soon,
either. Since I can’t vouch for the entirety of our readership here on
the forums, kindly try not analogising your points in this way in future,

– Thomas Adam

hahaha I have no idea what he just said.

Sorry, but with fvwm possibillities…i didn’t expect to see such screen. About menu…its awful as for me. My eyes began to hurt after few seconds watchin’g menu. IMHO of course

My point was that:
-this screenshot is not ugly, I like it! see mine:clicky
-what’s the point of writing: “your screenshot looks ugly?” if it fits someone’s needs it may also some other, not all people all over the world have to instantly fall in love with it; de gustibus non est …
-90% screenshots are the same looking bar/manga girl wallpaper/ _ |_| X windows like dekor, simply nothing new that was my point too, like sarcasm or something you know.

explain please what getting laid has to do with it, BTW you have no IDEA (:

I’m so sorry that was childlish or whatever it’s called.

May the breasts be with you.
all yours radek