Transparency on a terminal window [solved]

Hi there,
I’m completely new to FVWM. I’ve been messing around with it for a while and so far I’ve been extremely happy with the results . Now I would like to add some of that nifty transparency stuff on my terminal window, ie. make the window semi-transparent. I’ve looked around different posts, how-to’s and so forth, however, it’s pretty confusing. I was wondering then if anyone could give me a simple step by step walkthrough on how I might add transparency.

Thanks :smiley:

The transparency of a terminal i determined by the terminal itself, NOT fvwm.

What you need is a terminal capable of transparency. Some people use aterm, but I would recommend mrxvt (it has tabs):
I just use the pseudo-transparency:

mrxvt +sb -geometry -tr -trt -tint rgb:d2/d6/e0 -shade 60  

Sorry, the geometry option is not needed:

mrxvt +sb -tr -trt -tint rgb:d2/d6/e0 -shade 60 

Thanks a lot :smiley: . It worked!! I put in:

 + I Exec exec aterm -sr -trsb -fb Arial -fg Grey -tr -sh 75 -tint rgb:F0/F0/FO