transparent boarder for windows

Hi Folks,
I am trying to get a boarder that is transparent - but still be able to grab edges to resize my window - with no luck. i have a coloset that is transparent (works with other items, like pager) but the cursed boarder is always apparent. Here is what I have:

Style default-style UseDecor default-decor,
HandleWidth 4,
BorderColorset 1
HilightBorderColorset 1
BorderWidth 4

Any ideas?

it seems as if you are missing commas after the colorset options. Syntax error on the middle of a style line will make the style stop being parsed after that error.

hello Gramphos,
thanks for the reply -i put in the proper syntax and it still does not help…

You will also need a

BorderStyle    Colorset 1

wither as a part of your decor or on it’s own.