Transparent Image in Button

I’m trying to put a transparent image in a button that has a transparent background, but no matter what i’ve tried the image shows a grey background.

my config files can be found here:

if you have any suggestions on how to achieve this, please let me know.

I should probably mention that these icons are getting set with ChangeIcon in a FvwmScript. In additon, using Colorset 90 fg #000000, fgsh #000000, bg #f6f6f6, sh #6e90b3, hi #91b6db, RootTransparent, Noshape, Tint white 0, IconAlpha 100. Gives the desired effect, but for the buttons. The same configuration does not work for the swallowing button.

should anyone else run into this problem. I had to add Colorset 91 in FvwmScript above Init and then Colorset 91 in FvwmScript above main in the widget properties