Transparent windows in the virtual desktop?

I would like each inactive virtual desktop to be transparent in the “Virtual desktop manager”. Now it gets the color from the root window but if I have firefox in fullscreen I would like to see it through the virtual desktop with one exception: The active desktop should still have a solid color.

Is the above setting possible?

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------ #
# FvwmPager												                              #
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------ #
Style FvwmPager   		Sticky,NoTitle,WindowListSkip,ClickToFocus,HandleWidth 0
Style TestPager ParentalRelativity
KillModule FvwmPager TestPager
DestroyModuleConfig FvwmPager: TestPager
*TestPager: Colorset * 23
Style FvwmPager StaysOnTop
*TestPagerLabel * "Virtual Desktops"
*TestPagerGeometry 160x120-15+15
*TestPager: SolidSeparators
*TestPagerSmallFont 5x8
*TestPager: Font "xft:Verdana:bold:pixelsize=11:Minspace=true"
Style TestPager BorderColorset 25

I am not sure what you’re asking here. If you just want to see the root window, then yes. If you want full transparency, then some XServers allow for this.

Can you please ensure you use the correct alias syntax, please?

*TestPager: Option Value

Things like the following are useless:

*TestPagerSmallFont 5x8

– Thomas Adam

I don’t want the root window to be the background. I want full transparency.

When I move the virtual desktop I just get the root window as background and cannot see firefox through the virtuale desktops.

This is what transset and xcompmgr go towards attempting to achieve. See also this:

… there’s a reason why it’s question 0.3. :expressionless:

– Thomas Adam