TreadstoneWM - my config

I control mpd daemon through panel on the left.

Dynamic wallpaper menu in action.

Dynamic config menu.

Next dynamic function - creates menus from ~/.gtk-bookmarks

Config will be released soon:) I must clean it

Very nice!
will you make an english version too?

pretty nice!

awesome decor. can’t wait to see the config!

me too

Sorry that you had to wait so long.
Here is config][/url]

There are fvwm config, conky configs, Xdefaults (for eye-candy urxvt) and small script to conky which check mail.

I sometimes work on this config, but i dont have much time now, so new version will be released earliest in next month.

Almost all files are writed in writed in polish, but there are not many comments.

If you have any questions, ask me:)

EDIT: mirror … r-bz2.html

thank you for your pretty config. :slight_smile:

erh…ask you a question, where can I find the icons that in your configs? or what’s name of it?
Thank you

Thank you for sharing

Theme is called oxy, i found it somwhere in, but now I can’t find it again. If you want, I will send this icon pack, just write me your mail.

I found one in names oxy-gnome … tent=79736
but it dont contain some icons of some programs.
My email is lll9p.china[at]
Thank you!

The config is offline… :-/

Can i find it anywhere? I know… old thread… but this config seems very very nice!