Trying to log modules

I am using FVWM3

I am trying to make a module from scratch in C, but to know that the module is working I would need to be able to log what the module is actually doing. I have tried turning on logging with the flag -v, but this only shows me if it found the module I tried to execute and not the actual execution.

Is there any way to log the execution of modules or one specific module?

I have been searching around, but haven’t yet found anything useful about logging modules. The reason I feel it should be possible is because of the thread about C modules on these forums.

I am not familiar with C. The link you referring to is 2005. It is good to check if this feature is in Fvwm3.

The module interface hasn’t changed in fvwm3, so that information should still be relevant. There is also an archived page that gives lots of details, Module Interface

Modules are their own process, so any logging you want to do, you can do directly in the module. Printing directly to standard error, stderr, can work, that should show up in the xsession stderr logs, most often ~/.xsession-errors. You could also have the module write to a log file in any location you want as well.

Ah. So logging my modules would be just like logging any other c program