Trying to make Panel

I just read the man pages regarding panels: … uttons.php

In the example they write that this should create a Panel:

But when I paste this into my fvwm2rc file nothing happens

I have also tried to:

*FvwmButtons: (Panel my_first_panel “Module FvwmButtons -g -30000-30000 my_first_panel”)

*my_first_panel: (Icon “/icons/clock.png”, Action Exec xlock)

But that does not help

Look at this. It’s quite rare, as I rarely ask any questions. :slight_smile:


Pay attention to my posts – and look closely at the syntax I used for a ‘Panel’.

– Thomas Adam

That is way to overkill to my level. I just want a single button that when pressed opens a menu with some other buttons. Hopefully that is not so complicated?

Right. Well, what you’re describing there is not a panel. A panel in FvwmButtons terminology is a button that swallows up an FvwmButtons instance, and hides it, until you press it again.

If you just want to use FvwmButtons like a “menu” system, then see this post:


It’s nice, isn’t it? These forums are full of information…

– Thomas Adam

I’d better upload a new and improved version then, the one currently online is still quit quircky, but I didn’t upload a new one because I was busy with the Emacs fvwm-mode…