Tuning the menu title style!!


There is something that I really like in blackbox or fluxbox (the only thing I have to say…), this is the title of the menu that is in a different colorset than rest rest of the menu!

I would like to know of this is possible to reproduce that with fvwm, and in such a case, how can I do that!

Best regards, Brice

I think the only way to do this is to create a pixmap and use that as a menutitle, unsing a different colorset is not possible atm.


If I find the right pixmap, how can I do that? I mean what will be responsible for displaying this pixmap under the menu title??

Regards, Brice

check pem’s confg it has something like that i think ! :unamused:

You can do it with MenuColorset for normal menu, HilightBack to tell to hilight the selected entry, and ActiveColorset to define colors used in hilight.


AddToMenu FooMenu *foo.png* Title

That defines them fon the entire menu, he only wants to change the ones from the menu title.


it doesn’t seem to be feasible! I initially wanted to add a pixmap or a color gradient but I didn’t find a way.

If I put a pixmap, it is not resized and I can’t display the menu title as I do usually. Moreover I use debian and the debian menu so this is something that should be defined in the MenuStyle setup!

Maybe I will write a feature request because that looks really nice under fluxbox!!!

Regards, Brice

Works for me. You’ll need a separate pixmap for each title header, but apart from that…

What else do you need?


But I think the title “welcome to xeno” is in the pixmap and not specified as usual!

moreover, as you said, you need a pixmap for every title header, well I have to say that this solution is not especially convenient and requires a lot of effort for a small stuff, and if you change the size of the font in the menu all has to be done again… And how do you do that for the debianist who use the debian menu?

No definitively your solution works but at too high expenses for a simple thing (to my minds)

Regards, Brice

Text is in the title. I thought that was what was required.

I think there’s a command for ImageMagick to composite text into an image file. You could use that do generate your menu headers automatically.