Two desktop pages in one screen.

Is it possible to have two desktop pages in one screen, without external programs and without a transparant fvwmpager thats maximized over the screen.?



– Thomas Adam

If i have
DesktopSize 3 x 3 (9 pages)
then i want - lest say, Page1 and Page2 side by side on the screen.

Is that possible.?

If i am using the wrong terms, please correct me.

You want to have some sort of split window with different pages on the same screen? No, can’t be done.

Draw a diagram of what you mean, since I really still have no idea what it is you’re asking.

– Thomas Adam

I think that is what i want to do, but i am not sure i got you right there - my english is - as you can see, far from perfect.

I will do a diagram later today -or submit a link to a picture of a faked view that shows what i want.

I think that is exactly what he means.

The big question I have is “why?”

If you need to have all the applicatiosn together, just start them in the same page. You could also make some sort of function to move everything in page X to the actual page, I think.

If you just need it for preview purposes, then a pager is good enough.

Having two pages on a single screen would not just involve some tweaks in the viewport, but also, all the windows would need to be re-scaled, or you would just see funky stuff around. I am not sure of the idea you have in your mind, but it is something strange in any case :stuck_out_tongue:

You are right both of you, thats exactly what i want.

The reason is that i have so many ideas about how use the desktop environment (A full handwritten a4 page) and many more ideas on top of them.

I just felt that if i could rearrange the desktops within the pager as if they where real windows, and give some more important ones more space … different pages on different desktops… the new order should be updated in real time… as i know thats not possible, then i just felt that i wanted see how close i could come - which led to the subject of this thread.

I think that i can treat the windows on the same page as if they was on different pages (when i touch the edge of the screen i switch to next maximized window on the same page), when i do some other action i tile them all, when i press shift and click on the buttonbar at one window and then shift and the buttonbar on another window, they will both be tiled filling the screen - and … eh, i have to play with it.

It would be nice if i could remap the key bindings in realtime so they should be the same when i want to use the real pager.

It’s not possible.

All of this is possible. See FvwmRearrange for instance. What do you mean by “desktop_page”?

– Thomas Adam

Ohh, nice - ty Thomas Adam.

A typo, i meant page.

This is kinda follow up to my earlier questions here…

  1. Is it possible to have specified windows ‘sticky’ on just a few pages.?

if yes to question 1.,
2. is it possible to have
a: all windows that are open in fvwm on, lets say - desk9 page1.?
b: just some of them on desk9 page2.?

3: a fvwmpager that is sticky just in desktop 9, and not visible on the other pages.?


Not directly, no. What you would have to do is fake it using FvwmEvent. So you’d start off with your application, setting it to be sticky:

Style application Sticky

And then for your FvwmEvent condition, when you switch pages, conditionally check for those pages and change the style, a la:

DestroyModuleConfig FE-Stick:
*FE-Stick: Cmd Function
*FE-Stick: new_page ToggleStick

DestroyFunc ToggleStick
AddToFunc    ToggleStick
+ I PipeRead `[ "$[page.nx] $[page.ny]" = "0 0" ] || [ "$[page.nx] $[page.ny]" = "0 1" ] && \
     echo "Next (application)  WindowStyle Slippery" || echo "Next (application) WindowStyle Sticky"`

Module FvwmEvent FE-Stick

Variant on the above really. You’re just going to have to set the pager to iconic or something.

– Thomas Adam

Can i use this on firefox (for an example), to be used just regarding one of the window i have opened, and can i specify that in runtime via a menu.?

Soon i will ReadTheFineManual before i put more questions, but please bare with me as i think that this is the last thing i gonna ask in this thread.

If you want to use it on Firefox, then use FvwmIdent on Firefox to find out what its Classname is. For me, I have:


So in the example I have you, you’d replace every occurence of application for Firefox-bin. You can also compound windows you want to apply this sticky/slippery style condition to in the form of:

Next ("myapp1|myapp2|myapp3") ...

– Thomas Adam

Thank you Thomas Adam for all the God Answers in this thread - soon i will try to put it all together in one working setup.