Two disastrous things needing to be solved

I have found myself very annoyed by two problems with FVWM.
First, and most dangerous one:
When I send an order to a “remotely-controlled” program such as firefox or konqueror, like opening a link on Pidgin to be opened from Firefox, I find myself with the firefox window being raised, but not focused at all, being the previous window the one with keyboard focus. With the example I mentioned it’s not too bad, but if I am operating my filemanager (lots of keybindings) I can end up messing up files or opening unwanted processes as I don’t have the focus where it should be. I have tried to add the Style option FPGrabFocus…no luck.

Second, more complex but more on the annoying side:
Something is very weird about how my fvwm is managing last-focused-windows order. For a quick example: I am writing in firefox, then I click on the taskbar and change to pidgin and then I hit alt+tab to change back to firefox, I end up in another random window. Iconifying windows has this weird effects as well, taking me to windows I haven’t used in hours, even. It is simply random.
I have tried a lot of things. Different permutations of Focus/FlipFocus, changing the Iconify function to a custom one using “Prev”, Different order in Focus/Raise/Iconify(deiconify actually) in my functions, nothing works, this is simply random.
I asked in the channel but no one could help me, and I cannot find anything clear about this on the faq or recipebook. I have wasted all my free day on this and I simply cannot find the solution.

Please help me with this.

(PD: I use ClickToFocus policy)

I’ve answered this elsewhere – the problem is that Firefox is useless at obeying any form of standard. You might have to mess around with some of the options, but see:

!ClickToFocusRaises, !FPClickRaisesFocused

Read up on the difference between FlipFocus and Focus. The former alters the window stack, whereas the latter does not. There really is nothing random about it. Maybe if you uploaded your config I could take a look at it.

Note also that I did see your question, but you didn’t stay around long enough for me to answer it.

– Thomas Adam

Oh, it didn’t depend on me, actually. My GPRS modem started to fail and I decided to log out, and in good time as after that, I couldn’t regain stability until two hours after.

On the Firefox issue, it’s not only it, Konqueror as well. I haven’t tested with more apps with “remote” functionality but should be somewhat similar. What I exactly want is it to take focus when raised after it’s been feed with an URL from Pidgin or something, which doesn’t do automatically. It’s raised, the new tab is loaded, but it doesn’t take focus.

On the other, I’ll post my config after I am done with work, and thank you for the reply.

Oh, that. That’s the application’s fault, not FVWM’s.

– Thomas Adam

I feared that reply. I’ll need to find some workaround. Maybe passing the URL through a script that raises and focus the window can do. This only leaves the second problem that hopefully will be fixed later :slight_smile:

There’s nothing stopping you using FvwmEvent along the lines of:

DestroyModuleConfig FE-noraise:*
*FE-noraise: raise_window "ThisWindow (Firefox-bin, !Focused) Lower"

Module FvwmEvent FE-noraise

– Thomas Adam

Hm, what parts of my config would be needed to check for Focus/Flipfocus problem?

Who can say? Eliding random bits on the assumption you know what’s best, whilst a nice idea is never a good thing anyway.

Just upload it in its entirety – that won’t hurt.

– Thomas Adam

Well, for now I think I’ll paste the related to Windowlist, taskbar and mouse bindings.

Minimize button:

Mouse 1 6       A   Iconify

WindowList keybinding:

Key Tab    A   M    WindowList Root c c CurrentDesk, Geometry, CurrentAtEnd, TitleForAllDesks, UseIconName

And WindowListFunc:

DestroyFunc WindowListFunc
AddToFunc WindowListFunc
+ I WindowShade False
+ I Iconify off
+ I FlipFocus
+ I Raise

Taskbar button binding:

*FvwmIconMan: Action Mouse 1 N sendcommand FocusOrIconify

And related functions:

DestroyFunc FuncSelectWindow
AddToFunc FuncSelectWindow
+ I Raise
+ I Deiconify
+ I Focus

DestroyFunc FocusOrIconify
AddToFunc FocusOrIconify
+ I ThisWindow (!Focused) FuncSelectWindow
+ I TestRc (NoMatch) Iconify

I think that’s all related.

I am sorry to bump this, but I still had no time to figure this on my own…can anyone help me a little bit?

Upload your entire config as suggested…

– Thomas Adam

Well, here it is. I couldn’t find other host but this one seems quite hassle-free when downloading (no CAPTCHA or hidden link).
I hope this can help.

I apologize if I sound like rushing you, but could you review the code?

Since you are in such a hurry, I thought that I would help. Your config file at is sprinkled with nulls and other garbage characters. Maybe that is the cause of the disaster that you are refering to in your subject line. :smiley:

Opps! My mistake. It’s a tar file. 8)