Two fvwmscript in a fvwmbuttons[solved]

Hello everyone!
I’m glad to finally posting in this great forum. :smiley:

I use a fvwmbuttons to display some icons and laptop informations.
I use two fvwmscripts to show my battery level and my cpu temperature (with powersave)
and I swallow it in my fvwmbuttons.

When fvwm start, one of my script is not swallowed.
You can see an exemple here:

Thank you for your help.

It would have helped if you posted your FvwmButtons config. There could be any number of reasons why your FvwmScript isn’t being swallowed, although typically it’s because:

  • You got the hangon incorrect.
  • The script loads before FvwmButtons does (if you’re not spawning it from FvwmButtons).

Your screenshot is useless. Post your FvwmButtons config somewhere along with your FvwmScripts.

– Thomas Adam


Sorry :astonished:

Here the fvwmbuttons config:

The two scripts:

Thank you Thomas Adam.

The reason why your second script fails (FvwmApplet-Temp) is because you’re setting the title to FvwmScript-Battery which has already been swallowed, and of course is not the expected hangon of FvwmScript-Temp which you so rightly have in your FvwmButtons config, hence in FvwmApplet-Temp change:

WindowTitle {FvwmApplet-Battery}


WindowTitle {FvwmApplet-Temp}

Then it will work just fine.

– Thomas Adam

Great! :smiley:

I used the same script and changed the exec command but I forgot the title. :frowning:

Thank you for your help.