Two questions about Focus

FVWM is great and full of features, so it’s kinda hard to look up a specific function I really want. I hope you wouldn’t mind helping out a new fvwm user. :smiley:

  1. Is there a way to send focus to a newly run/created apps which is typed in a terminal or console emulator?

  2. When changing Page using Scroll 100000 0, can focus follows to an Apps opened on the next page?

This is what I have.

Style * ClickToFocus
Style * MouseFocusClickRaises
Style * FPGrabFocus
Style * FPGrabFocusTransient
Style * FPClickRaisesFocused
Style * FPIgnoreRaiseClickMotion
Style * FPGrabFocus

You might want to look at this:

These two conflict – consequently, only “MouseFocusClickRaises” is applied. See here:


– Thomas Adam

Wow! No.2 is fixed perfectly now.

For No.1, I commented out Style * MouseFocusClickRaises, but the newly created app still doesn’t get focus.

I will go read that link more carefully.

OK now I have this

Style * ClickToFocus

and this

DestroyModuleConfig AW-event: *
*AW-event: Cmd Function
*AW-event: add_window FuncNewWindow

DestroyFunc FuncNewWindow
AddToFunc   FuncNewWindow
+ I ThisWindow (AcceptsFocus) FlipFocus NoWarp

Module FvwmEvent AW-event

And No.1 is fixed.
Somehow FPGrabFocus doesn’t work for me.