ubuntu 13.10 multidisplay 2 screens 1600x2400 desk 12x1

This shows the desk of 2400x1200. I cropped and stacked two 300x225 images.

http://toms.homeip.net/u13.10/fvwm/xen1.desk1.fvwm.jpg is the 1600x2400 desk
Preview is stacked 300 wide images.

http://toms.homeip.net/u13.10/fvwm/2014_04_19_18_19_.fvwm2rc is the fvwm2rc file.

This is an integration upgrade from my years old fedora 13 to ubuntu 13.10. Did a u10.04 on a laptop few years back. Was very straightforward.
Only bug was mouse cursor image crashing. that required total reboot. System was on 24x7 crash weeks or months apart.

Current state of integration…
Boot to character terminal mode. for the last 2+ decades.

log in tty1, xinit /usr/bin/fvwm
have to run xrandr to get screens over and under. any attempt at an xorg.conf file is black screen.

First think I do is Restart fvwm or mouse sync with screens is broken for lower screen.

Always had a problem where on some web pages poped up windows in some virtual desk beyond the first twelve. Figured it out using WindowList and xterms in the fvwm2rv file. But it seems there are not 12x1 but at least 12x4 and this can be seen when I run xfce4-panel the appears at the top of my desk.

older gnome apps did not clobber fvwm mouse buttons popup windows. u13.10 gnome, some apps put up buttons and break mouse buttons.
use ps au and sort start time to see last started and usually can kill offending app.

some xfce apps go nuts.

there is a problem, u13.10 and or firefox and crhome where browsers run away with cpu, firefox freezes to hard reboot, chrome not so bad.
do not know if this is somehow related to my cross matched apps system.

been doing fvwm since it first appeared in redhat, [urlhttp://watman.com/stuff/index.html][/url]

From y2k…

Tom’s stuff on the simple and cheap way to be way productive.

The purpose of this page is to show a very productive way of implementing the FVWM window manager. The key element of this productivity is the enhanced ability to keep track of dozens of open applications with the FVWM Pager module. The arrangement of the pager to minimize the use of display pixel real-estate is also important. Another key element of productivity is no or very little degradation of the user’s experience of system response.

I created this basic FVWM window layout over four years ago and I have not seen any other window manager that has features that can improve on the basic productivity of FVWM in managing dozens of open application windows with no degradation in system response. There are also other simple X applications like xfm or such that are easily configured to layer on the supposed simpler gui application navigation. But alas the world wants the kluge look and feel of the borg. Did fvwm originally get a bad rap from Redhat’s decision long ago to make fvwm95 the default window manager for a couple of years?

Circa 1996? Intel Venus atx motherboard Ppro 180 clocked at 200 Mhz
128 meg of dram.
15 gig IBM deskstor ide hard-disk.
2 Matrox Millennium 8 meg video cards.
Floppy and 4x ide cdrom.
The hardware is boxed in a 30 dollar no-name atx mini tower.


Display :0.0 is a Hitachi Superscan Pro 21 1600x1200
Display :0.1 is a Tatung CM-17 MBR 1280x1024
Software: Red Hat Linux release 5.2 (Apollo) Kernel 2.0.36 on an i686
binaries are ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1, dynamically linked, stripped
Xserver AcceleratedX multi-head V4.1
Window Manager fvwm-1.24r-15