Ubuntu & fvwm-crystal

Has anyone attempted to run fvwm-crystal on Ubuntu?
I would like to determine the difficulty of what I ask before I jump into it.
Any suggestions?


Well, theoretically it should be easy if you just follow the steps in the fvwm-crystal docs, but I’ve heard rumours that it mosttimes isn’t that easy.

You’ll probably have to install quite some packages that fvwm-crystal depends on though.

See, that’s the nice thing about fvwm-themes and to a lesser or greater extent, fvwm-crystal – it doesn’t matter which distro you use, since all that matters is that you have fvwm installed.

I remember setting up fvwm-crystal for my housemate – aside from the god awful transparency, it was slightly long-winded, and could do with improving. However, if you’re just starting out with Fvwm, it will certainly show you what can be done with it, and give you the possible incentive to develop your own ~/.fvwm/fvwm2rc file in due course. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

It worked out great, besides the transparency of the aterm. Just a few more personal configs and I do believe I’ve done it.

Thanks for the vote of confidence :wink: