Unable to change Window label color

Hi guys am kinda new to FVWM customization but have been playing abit of here and there for the past 1 month… I have tried everything possible and it seems I have reached the limit where I must request for the help of u experts :slight_smile:
I am able to customize most things except the window label color… im not sure why
For example when i use

style “" HilightFore Red
style "
” ForeColor Red

neither the active and inactive window label color changes to red… it remains as black…

But when i use the style for the background color… the background changes…
For example

style “*” BackColor Blue

this works for the BG … but FG aint working… any advice?
At the moment i have placed the codes inside the themes-rc-2 file…


You’re using Fvwm-Themes which is different to normal FVWM configs/usage.

Read the documentation to find out more how they use Colorsets and handle theme configuration files.

– Thomas –

Hello TF,

I have searched through the colorset of that documentation and have tried playing with all of it … but sadly there is no luck in changing the window title color :frowning: any advice?

I have opened a FvwmConsole (Module FvwmConsole) and issued this command:

Style "*" HilightFore Red

And the active window label color changes to red. Can you replicate this? Could it be possible that there is some some interaction with some other configuration?