Unresizeable/unmovable windows

Hi everyone,

I am facing the problem that my fvwm 2.5.10 - shipped with 64bit Suse 9.2 - won’t allow me to resize, move or maximize certain windows. It depends on what application the window belongs to: affected are e.g. acroread, the complete openoffice suite, programs running under wine emulation, … Once the window is placed, there is no resizing or moving it, the close/maximize buttons are missing in the title bar, and the corresponding options in the window menu are unaccessible. Most other programs like xemacs, mozilla, gv, etc do just fine.

I tried several style options like VariableSize, VariableUSSize, VariablePPosition, VariablePSize, HintOverride, NoPPosition, but it has no effect. The .fvwm2rc is years old and has always been ok yet. Seems to be a rare ploblem, since I couldn’t find any hints on the web yet… Somebody knows what’s going on here?


Maybe you fvwm2rc uses deprecated options? OpenOffice works just fine for me without passing it any Style parameters at all.

I assume you’re running OOffice from within a 32-bit chroot, because AFAIK, what you’re decribing here is a known issue with OpenOffice on 64bit platforms. Nothing to do with FVWM, I’m afraid.

– Thomas Adam

For all who may face the same problem:
after stripping down my .fvwm2rc step by step I found that I need to comment out the following line:
#Style “*” MWMFunctions, MWMDecor, HintOverride
and it works.