untitled window - why?

What sort of things can stop a window from getting a title? (Or name; I’m not sure what to call it)?

I have a simple test program that, run in one environment, creates a window that gets a title equal to the program name and then it does a GTK gtk_window_set_title() and it changes. Run in another environment (and I can’t see any relevant difference between environments), it comes up “untitled” and gtk_window_set_title() doesn’t change that.

What can I look at to understand why the second case doesn’t work?

And what is the relationship of the WM_NAME property to all this? Does FVWM set it, use it, neither?

A few things. It will depend how a window update its WM_NAME.

Use “xprop -spy”.

FVWM will use it, yes. But FVWM cannot set it.

– Thomas Adam

Thank you. And how does it use it? Is WM_NAME the source of the window title?

My untitled window has no WM_NAME property, so if that’s where FVWM gets the title, I guess I know what I have to look at next - I have to figure out why GTK is not setting it, right?



– Thomas Adam