Unwanted Space in Left Aligned Decor

Hi, I just started with FVWM recently and when playing around with the decor I can’t seem to find a way to get rid of extra space to the left of the titlebar’s text. I’ve seen this on pretty much every screenshot I’ve looked at too, so I’m not sure if its possible. It looks very pronounced here though: http://mitchell.afraid.org/fvwmspaceproblem.png. Just the space between the left of the screen and the word “xterm” for example. Thanks.

Yup, the space is deliberate.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks for your quick reply. In this screenshot I found on fvwm.org, the space seems to have been gotten rid of somehow or replaced by the slashes: http://fvwm.org/screenshots/desktops/Stric-desk1-1152x900/screenshot.gif. How could just that be done if getting rid of it is impossible?

That hasn’t been removed – the space has just been filled in with what is either a vector button, or a pixmap. I would surmise the space is inherently there due to the fact a button is usually defined in its place.

– Thomas Adam