Updated logo page

FYI: I updated my web page with the FVWM logo and variants:


Provided now are some additional variants including graphics for buttons and side pics. Note that most of the graphics are pretty raw which should make it more or less painless to adapt them for example to your favorite theme.

Some random links to free graphics programs that can deal with the data available for download:[list][]http://www.xaraxtreme.org/[/:m]

Thx, your logo is great. :slight_smile:
Why not create a wallpaper for FVWM from your logo ?
There was some attempts in previous posts to do so:


just go ahead - play with the logos! At the moment, I don’t want to create a background image, and I like very simple design anyhow. So you couldn’t expect something “spectacular” from me.

Hm, I just remember: Some years ago I ran a tweaked xscreensaver hypercube applet on the root window (i.e. I had an animated background). I could imagine that there’s an xscreensaver applet where one can specify a custom 3D object that rotates on screen, e.g. the FVWM logo. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fantastic logo. :slight_smile:
I couldn’t get the suggested imports working for inkscape though, so I just “overpainted” on top of the original. So here is a svg version. Hopefully not too off.
For the filtering to work, use opera or ASV or something that can do it.

Appears to be fine to me. :astonished: However, I wonder why the import doesn’t work for you. I use “Inkscape 0.43 (Apr 3 2006)”, and I can import the “.ai” file just fine (I do get a warning, but that can be ignored).