Updating manual

Hello, everyone!

I’m now translating fvwm manual to russian. And original manual seems deprecated.

Purposes for translation are:

  1. to understand it better myself :slight_smile:
  2. spread idea and make more well-known such a nice WM in russian community.

I took as original manual - fvwm.org/documentation/manpa … e/fvwm.php seems to be the same.
While reading and understanding, I stuck at phrases like
“Fvwm attempts to be GNOME (version 1) compliant”,
“There is an fvwm offspring called fvwm95, it is mostly a patched version of fvwm-2.0.43. The main goal of fvwm95 was to supply a Windows 95 like look and feel. Since then, fvwm has been greatly enhanced and practically all fvwm95 features can be achieved by fvwm.”
and others.

Surely, I understand that fvwm has a long history. However, words like “GNOME (version 1)” seem just irrelevant in 2013 and those like “windows 95”
can even discourage newcomers from using it, thinking, that fvwm is something old and dying.

Sure enough, that is just “my humble opinion”, but I’d like to know if i’m looking at wrong manual?
I kinda like that one for consistency. While others, like fvwm.org/doc/unstable/allCommands.html , seem to be sketchy and like a hint for advanced users.

If there is nothing up-to-date, I’d like to open a converstion about updating that manual.

P.S. for russian-speaking colleagues: translation would be fvwm.esy.es/site/page?view=abou - here, and now I’m working on DNS binding it to fvwm.ru
If you know some sources of good info about fvwm (just not crystal for while) in russian - you’re welcome to add.

that means FVWM has implemented the GNOME extensions for ICCCM (I found it here but since GNOME 2 only the EWMH spec is used everywhere. See here.

No, but updating documentation is very time consuming and there’re not many contributors to help :confused:

No, they’re not sketchy but unhappy splitted. You find most at All Commands, others at Grouped Commands and some at FVWM manpage.

The Forum is the wrong place for that. Do this on FVWM workers mailinglist because they decide about updating the documentation.

See here:
Russian Fvwm Wiki

  • Thomas -

Hello, Thomas!

Thanks for reply. Your answer is quite full and short at the same time. Appreciated.

Looks like I’d better get a clearer sense of “up-to-date fvwm” myself so, that I also can contribute to updating manual. And just then go to mailinglist with suggestions. =)

Russian Fvwm Wiki - I simply don’t know why I haven’t found that one yet. Many thanks!