Upgrade to phpBB-php5

Well, this upgrade fixed the annoying problem some of you were having with not being able to stay logged in.

It broke some other things though:
[]The [img] BBCode tag no longer worked, I’ve reverted the BBCode php file to the one from my backup as a temporary solution.[/:m]
[]The Fvwm logo dissapeared in the upper left corner, it however does appear in Mozilla, just not in Firefox, anybody else seeing this? (and yes, I cleared the caches of both browsers)[/:m][/list:u]
So expect some more random oddness while I try to solve these issues.



I can see the logo just fine. This is in Internet explorer though. (need windows for my thesis…). Works in FF as well.

I noticed http://phpbb-php5mod.sourceforge.net/viewtopic.php?t=267 however which seems to give a solution for the BBCode problem.

Their SQL-server seems a bit overloaded so just keep trying until you get the info.

the actual solution they give is

ps, the time in the forum seems a bit wrong, is it?

Already did that, just didn’t post it :blush:

Now that you mention it, the time indeed seems to be wrong, which is bound to be a server issue, I’ll have to ask my host about that :slight_smile:



sorry but since today or yesterday evening I can’t stay logged in if I close my browser (firefox)…

I had previously the problem under galeon (I gave it a shot around 2 weeks back but I don’t use it anymore)

Regards, Brice

Humm it seems to be working now.


The logo problem seems to be Firefox on my laptop freaking out, so nothing to worry about, all other problems should indeed be gone now (until I break something with another upgrade :wink: )