user rank icons ...

Would look nice if you could add the user rank icons again. Looks like the folder “./images/ranks/” exists, but the images
src="./images/ranks/rank0.gif" are missing.

They were never stock icons. Find me some new ones, and I will add them.

– Thomas Adam

Which or how many do you need?

I don’t mind which – ten should do. I am sure there’s others you can pinch from some other theme.

– Thomas Adam

Here you are - should fit nicely in the current colorscheme][/url]

BTW, is there a way to attach files? At least, to add images?

OK. Thanks. I had to rename the files, and you’re missing one for the administrator (apparently I get a special one) – so if you can find one for an administrator, that’d be welcomed.

No, I explicitly disable this. Find external hosting.

– Thomas Adam

Your admin icon - hope you like it golden][/url]
"“find” is nice, I actually made them with gimp in my lunch break :slight_smile:

Thanks – it looks fine. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

:slight_smile: that reminds me, the smileys are missing, too. Here’s a collection][/url] - it’s from the Debian packages “geda-doc”.

OK – how’s that look? I don’t enable smilies, so don’t see them.

– Thomas Adam

Looks good - just like a smiley :smiley:
And the smileys on the right arer there, too :open_mouth: