userconfig and Keyboard-Modifiers not being invoked by 'crystal

Using fvwm 2.6.5 and fvwm-crystal 3.2.7 on 64-bit ubuntu 14.04
I have had no problem withs fvwm configuration and key bindings, but it does not appear that
~/.fvwm-crystal/userconfig and ~/.fvwm-crystal/components/functions/Keyboard-Modifiers are being read,
or if read aren’t being processed.

I don’t see any problems related to this in xsession-errors. I have modified the keyboard modifiers as
per instructions in, section 3.8 so that my command
key replaces the Alt/Meta key as

SetEnv Mod1 4 SetEnv Mod2 4S
I can confirm from xmodmap -pm that Super_L is mod4.

Any help would be appreciated.

I suggest you use their mailing list to ask this question. You’ll probably get better results if you do.

– Thomas Adam

Sadly, I see no mail archived since seven messages January of this year.

I signed up and see no rejection of the message I sent, but yet no return of my copy.
Oh well, “native” fvwm is my preference anyway.