Using Debian menus?


When I first started with FVWM, I read Jaimos Skriletz’ guide to learn the basics of how to configure things. I have since learned the hard way that with the new version, some of the syntax is a bit dated, and some stuff in that guide no longer works, but there was one thing he mentioned that I’m hoping there’s a more updated way to do.

He has, under the heading, “Advanced Menu,” a section talking about Debian’s “menu” package, which generates menus. I’m pretty sure it’s possible to use fvwm to tap into this, but I’m not sure how. In the guide, Skriletz suggests downloading and installing a few scripts, and since I’m kind of a novice with them, I’m not at all sure I put those in right either, but I can’t get the menus to work using his guide, and I’m wondering if there’s a newer, better way.

Has anyone managed to tie Debian’s “Menu” function to fvwm? It’s not that I’m too lazy to build my own windows, but if there’s another way…

man fvwm-menu-desktop

– Thomas Adam

Yes, I should have said… I’ve already read that.

So, following the example, I added a line to the “Utilities” folder like so:


  •   	"Application Menu" Popup FvwmDebian[/code]

I seem to be having trouble with the syntax for what to do next. Farther down, I put this:


Debian Menu?


DestroyMenu MenuFvwmDebian
AddToMenu MenuFvwmDebian
PipeRead ‘fvwm-menu-desktop’[/code]

Thinking it would define a menu called “MenuFvwmDebian” and populate it with stuff from the Debian “menu” feature. Did I word it wrong? When I restart fvwm, I get the “Applications” tab in the Utilities folder, and an arrow indicating there’s more, but when I mouse over or click there, nothing happens.

fvwm-menu-desktop creates a menu ‘FvwmMenu’ and not ‘FvwmDebian’

Because fvwm-menu-desktop send its output to stdout. So you have to redirect the output to a file e.g. .menu in your fvwm home.

Then do this]
AddToMenu MenuUtility DynamicPopupAction FuncMenuUtility

DestroyFunc FuncMenuUtility
AddToFunc FuncMenuUtility

  • I DestroyMenu MenuUtility
  • I AddToMenu MenuUtility DynamicPopupAction FuncMenuUtility
  • I AddToMenu MenuUtility “Utility Menu” Title
  • I Test (f $[FVWM_USERDIR]/.menu)
    AddToMenu MenuUtility “Applications” Popup FvwmMenu
  • I TestRC (Match) Read $[FVWM_USERDIR]/.menu
  • I TestRC (!Match)
    AddToMenu MenuUtility “Generate Applications Menu” PipeRead ‘fvwm-menu-desktop > $[FVWM_USERDIR]/.menu && echo “Read $[FVWM_USERDIR]/.menu”’
  • I Test (f $[FVWM_USERDIR]/.menu)
    AddToMenu MenuUtility “Update Applications Menu” PipeRead ‘fvwm-menu-desktop > $[FVWM_USERDIR]/.menu && echo “Read $[FVWM_USERDIR]/.menu”’[/code]
    This snippet creates a dynamical utility menu. First of all it searches for a .menu in your .fvwm folder. If no file found it shows you a ‘Generate Applications Menu’ entry only. After clicking it a .menu file will be created. If you then click again to your utilities menu two entries appear: ‘Applications’ with an arrow and the menu behind and an ‘Update Applications Menu’ which will recreate a menu if you’ve installed something for updating.

Hope this helps,