Using FVWM in GNOME as default wm

Hi all,
I’m trying to replace Metacity with FVWM as the GNOME window manager. To do this I’m writing a new .fvwm2rc.
The goal is to have FVWM power with a theme like the Metacity’s “Simple”… and at the same time I wouldn’t use images to get title and border decorations.

When I test FVWM under GNOME (I do something like $ killall metacity ; fvwm) I noticed some strange behaviour that I don’t know how it should be fixed.
This is a short list of my problems:

  • the “properties” window of a program shortcut in a GNOME menu appears without any border and title, placed on the top left position of the screen; do I need to set a particular style for that properties windows?
  • when I shade a window the GNOME pager shows the window as non-shaded; I’m just using the BugOpts EWMHIconicStateWorkaround on to have the correct iconic state displayed in the pager but I didn’t find anything about shaded windows.
  • Transient windows (Gimp’s and’s splash screens) don’t want to appear without a title and a border… even if I’m using Style * NakedTransient …why?
  • Is there a way to let FVWM getting GNOME menu icons as MiniIcon when a MiniIcon is not present?

…and… mmm… is it a good idea to let FVWM be the window manager of GNOME or it will get to many problems and strange behaviour in future? I started “porting” because I love FVWM but I don’t want to achieve a bad-working GNOME… what’s your experience?

I’m running a Debian Sarge/Testing i386.

Thanks in advance!


This is certainly possible, yes.

You’ll need to make use of the EWMH hints eventually, although if it is an actual modal dialogue, what you probably want to do is add a style line such as:

Style * DecorateTransient

Hmm, I have this, which works for me:

Style * EWMHUseStackingOrderHints, EWMHIgnoreStructHints

See above to the last question.

No, that’s fine. With GNOME2, it’s often best to run it under a Session Manager of some kind, but the EWMH were written for a reason… :stuck_out_tongue:. You might also find of interest.

– Thomas Adam

I tryed that but nothing changes,

Got a shot of my desktop (with FVWM running under GNOME) displaying the problem here: 1024x768 - 153K

As you can see in the upper left cornet you find the property window of menu item “Mozilla”… it has no borders and no title and it never gets the focus when the mouse hovers on it (got FocusFollowsMouse …).

No effect… the pager always displays the window as unshaded and the position (in the pager) never changes while moving the shaded window. :frowning:

Thank for you help, Thomas!