using fvwm under debian jessie systemd

Good evening everybody,

I use debian wheezy on my old ibook g4 with fvwm as my window manager. Its lean, stable and fast and does everything I need. For a while now I follow the news with systemd being the main init system in the next debian release. When reading posts and news about systemd it seems that a good amount of programs might need librarys or major components from the gnome environment in order to run under this new init system. I dont use any gnome programms unless its unavoidable. So my question is if I will be able to use fvwm under the new debian release with systemd ? Thanks for your comments and help !

Yes. FVWM hasn’t any dependencies against GNOME or systemd libs. As proof see the current Fedora which uses systemd and GNOME. There is FVWM 2.6.5 in the repos and works out of the box 8)

– Thomas –