Using kbiff emailnotification in FvwmButtons?

I would like to use the Kbiff emailnotification program in FvwmButtons.

I have tried:

*FvwmButtons: (1x1, Swallow(Respawn) “kbiff” “Exec exec kbiff”)

But then some of the program just appears over the button.

I would like only the dynamic icon to appear (letter when new mail has arried, empty box when I have read the mail).

But how do I make this kind of Dynamic icon as a FvwmButton?

Isn’t this how kbiff works, normally?

What do you mean? Kbiff is subject to the use of EWMH and as such, you probably need to supply one of the many EWMH* style options to it. Maybe:

style kbiff EWMHIgnoreStateHints

Although if your question is how do you emulate the behaviour of kbiff in FVWM, then you can use FvwmScript – searching these forums for “mail” will help you as there have been some posted that act similar to it. There’s also ‘xbiff’, ‘coolmail’, as I have already mentioned to you in another post.

– Thomas Adam