Using PNGs

Hi everyone

I’m having some problems using png files I’ve created in fvwm (fvwm-root for now). This is png files I’ve created in photoshop in vista and ftp’d over to freebsd. I always get the error “Invalid format for an Xpm file”.

I’ve tried downloading the files from, and they work fine - it’s just my own files I’m having issues with.

I’ve also tried saving as tiff in photoshop and converting these inn freebsd using tiff2png but with the same result. Does anyone have any ideas as to what can be wrong ?

You didn’t create them in FVWM. What you’re saying is you’re trying to use fvwm-root to load a .png file. That’s OK – assuming it really is a PNG file you’re trying to load – what does the ‘file’ command say about this file? What FVWM version are you using? Does it have support for PNG? (fvwm --version)?

– Thomas Adam


Sorry - it was a typo. I created the png in Photoshop CS3.

Running file on a png I created gives “PNG image data. 567 x 425, 8-bit/color RGB, non-interlaced”
Running file on a png that works gives “X pixmap image text”

fvwm --version gives 2.4.20

Does png support have to be enabled somehow ?

2.4.20 doesn’t have support for PNGs – only XPMs. Use 2.5.21 from

– Thomas Adam

Ok, then. I’ll upgrade when I get home from work. Thanks for your help

That did the trick, thanks again