UTF-8 and FVWM [solved]

I am a little bit confused with UTF-8 and FVWM. From the man page, it is 2 way to tell fvwm which encoding to use: XLFD (X Logical Font Description) and Xft.

I can read into the man page:

And later:

Are the 2 font declarations in the last quote equivalent or not? The first quote say no, the second one say yes.

I also don’t understand how the locale encoding and the charset of the font are related in the case of an UTF-8 system. Have fr_CH.UTF-8 and ja_JP.UTF-8 not the same encoding?

My basic problem is that I don’t get japanese characteres into the titlebar of my windows. I try to shift to the same font as the one used by urxvt. It work wine in urxvt, I can see that the titlebar is using the same font, but get only squares instead of the jap characters.

For my windows titlebar:

Style * Font "StringEncoding=UTF-8:xft:Verdana:pixelsize=20:Bold"

I also try without StringEncoding and with and without “encoding=iso10646-1”.


URxvt.font: xft:Monospace:pixelsize=20

Well, this is mad. I just try to change the font for the titlebar to “Bitstream Cyberbit” and it work. The jap characters are finally here.

Can someone explain me how a font that work into my console will not work into fvwm when another font will work?

And I forget to say that I am using fvwm-crystal, sorry!

Sure – they’re completely and utterly different. A font which you can use in the console has nothing to do with how FVWM might use it.

– Thomas Adam