vector buttons vs. pixmaps

I’ve heard that vector buttons require less resources than pixmaps, but I was wondering whether at any point this would not be the case?

For instance, I am working on a set of complex vector buttons, and they vary from 208 to 20 vectors each. This will work out to about 10k extra on my .fvwm2rc, whereas the pixmaps I currently use total about 4k of disk space.

Is it a simple space issue like that, or are vectors inherently faster due to the way Fvwm is programmed?

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Does it really matter? Whilst I don’t mean that faceitously, 10k in terms of filesize need not necessarily equate to that in memory increase – especially when you consider that comments are stipped as the config file is parsed, etc.

I’d say vecrtors are easier on memory, as there isn’t the overhead on drawing small images/pixmaps, colour pallet retention, etc.

– Thomas Adam

When they’re finished and tested, I’ll post the vector mappings for people to assess themselves.



DeeeZarster! Don’t expect any vectors postings soon folks :wink: