VectorButtons vs. Pixmaps

how big is the difference in perforamnce between VectorButtons and Pixmaps?
I am unsure if i sholud use Vecotrbuttons or not, because i like slim desktops without “sugar”, but my Pixmap-Buttons look to sweet :slight_smile:

There is an app by Rasterman called wm-torture for benchmarking the performance of window-creation, iirc.
Please let me know the results, i’m interested too.

Pixmaps inherently use more memory, due to the way they’re stored by the XServer.

– Thomas Adam

here my results
Test | Throughput | Response

With VectorButtons | min 0.0048 max 0.00152 avg 0.0097 | 113.50

With PixmapButtons | min 0.0041 max 0.0142 avg 0.0101 | 116.32

The Response test results are not very good because the results differ alot, and the wm seems to crash everytime, so i could not build average values.

All in all it seems that Pixmaps are nearly as good as vectorbuttons.
In fact i think, as thomas said, the main difference is in memory usage.