Versatile: The next generation :P


I am working on my spare time on a config based on my Versatile config. I call it Versatile-NG.

Yeah, I know, not quite original, but since it is heavily based on Versatile, I though that it would be a good idea :stuck_out_tongue:

It is for now in alpha state (or maybe not, I am not sure). Functionality-wise, it is not much different from Versatile, really. I just removed the side panel and almost all the additional stuff that it needed to work. Now, the config takes much less space, and is much quicker on bootup and restarts. Icons have also been ripped off.

Now, there’s only one FvwmButtons instance.

I don’t have too much more to say. So, if you want to see a couple of screens, go to the Versatile-NG site:

But really, there’s not much to see in the screens.

For those not willing to waste time by clicking into my site’s url, here you have a couple of screens, and the link to the last available config:

A couple of shots with the default look and panels. … -ng-05.jpg … -ng-06.jpg
Some more green ones. … -ng-01.jpg … -ng-02.jpg … -ng-03.jpg … tusa01.jpg … tusa02.jpg
The black. … -ng-08.jpg
The white. … -ng-07.jpg
This looks old, I like it. … -ng-04.jpg

There are more in my site.
This is the config file, updated. … wm.tar.bz2

EDIT: Added partial feature list below.

I LOVE the look! Great new config 6thpink!

BTW: What dockapps are those in the screenshots? I would like to try them out :smiley:

The ones I use are: wmsysmon, wmgtemp, wmnd, bubblemon, wmix, wmclock and wmclock.

The default panel has only one, that is xclock (that way, I solve the issue of apps not being installed on the host system :stuck_out_tongue: ). You can choose between that default panel, my 6 docks panel, and another with 5 different docks. You can also clone any of these panels into another file, save it in the same dir with another name, and then just pick it up from the menu.

I just updated it with a few fixes. If you ever knew my previous config, you will find that this one has mostly all the functionality that was available in the other one, though the load is much lesser, and the interface is cleaner.

Same download link.

In case anyone is following this: you might have noticed that this config is no longer as described above. I am doing some experimentation with this, and evolving to a fully keyboard based desktop.

There is a lot being done in which regards panels, keybindings the such stuff. While most of the functionality that was in Versatile is still in this new config (and in certain areas, much more), it is sometimes presented in a different way, and definitelly, the theme doesn’t look the same that in the screenshots anymore.

Don’t worry, I will update the site and this thread in case anyone is interested soon. But first I need to make some more changes to the config.

– Jesus Guerrero

In the -02 screenshot, did you have the menu hilights as pixmaps or gradients?

I never use pixmaps on my menus, decos, panels or whatever. So it is a gradient.

Colorset 7 bg #77C439, fg white, sh #265B23, hi #265B23, HGradient 200 2 #DAFFC7 100 #265B23 100 #84D83F

If you get a close look to some of my colorset files, you will find some interesting
effects that can be achieved by just using colorsets.

– Jesus Guerrero

Yeah I’ve played around a fair amount with colorsets/gradients myself, even wrote a longish introduction into the wiki which unsurprisingly never got linked into… :stuck_out_tongue:

Your gradient is good looking. :slight_smile:

It’s been a while, and I am not using FVWM right now. Are you still using it? Care to share your latest thoughts on your actual configuration?

I am not even using fvwm any more. I migrated to xmonad because it has proper xinerama support. I use the keyboard intensively, and I noticed that I was over complicating the things. The same things that I did on fvwm with three or four thousands of configuration lines I can do in xmonad with less than one hundred. Note how I underlined the word “I”. I still think that fvwm is a great wm, and I still use it sometimes. However it’s not suitable any longer for the way I like to work.

All my configs are still hosted on my web if someone wants to take a look. Along with some other fvwm related things.

Regards :slight_smile:

Hey, that’s great, I am on the way to use Xmonad as well. :slight_smile:

Care to share your Xmonad config? Would be great, if you could add a Xmonad page to your website.

You can find my latest config for xmonad always at It’s a pretty basic setup with dzen and modMask on the win key instead of the default alt.

I might add a page on my web to share my experiences with xmonad in the future, however I am not proficient with haskell so I am not sure I am the one to teach it to anyone. Also I don’t think that this forum is the right place to talk about xmonad. The best place to get help with xmonad right now is the xmonad mailing list. You can subscribe here: