Vertica title bar

Hello every body.

I am looking for creating vertical title (the bar where there are buttons to close minimize…) in my fvwm configuration file.
Indeed I have a landscape screen, and I think is usefull place taken by this bar, so I would rather put it on the right as in my picture link.

I’m appologize for my bad english, I’am not an english mother tongue.

Thanks a lot for your help.

ps: I just starting in configuration fvwm files so, go slowly please :wink:

Well, this is quite easy. Here’s part of a decor implementing a titlebar:

DestroyDecor example
AddToDecor   example
+ TitleStyle  -- Flat
+ ButtonStyle All -- Flat
+ AddButtonStyle 1 Vector 5 25x40@1 25x60@1 75x60@0 75x40@0 25x40@1
+ AddButtonStyle 2 Vector 4 50x25@1 75x75@0 25x75@0 50x25@1
+ AddButtonStyle 4 Vector 4 50x75@1 25x25@1 75x25@1 50x75@0
+ ButtonStyle 1 - Clear MWMDecorMenu
+ ButtonStyle 2 - Clear MWMDecorMax
+ ButtonStyle 4 - Clear MWMDecorMin

Then putting the title at the right of the window:

Style * TitleAtRight

Obviously you’ll need to define Mouse bindings to various actions so your buttons become visible in the titlebar too:

Mouse 0   1       A     FuncWindowOpsOrClose
Mouse 0   4       A     FuncIconifyDeIconify
Mouse 0   2       A     FuncFvwmMaximizeFullScreen
Mouse 1   2       S     Next (CirculateHit, tb) Current Maximize 100 -20p
Mouse 0   4       S     FuncDeIconifyAll

That should get you started.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks a lot thomasadam
I’m very happy it’s works well

De rien.

– Thomas Adam

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