VGradient doesn't generate a Gradient..

First of all, I don’t know if using VGradient is the best option at all, but I couldn’t think of anything else

I want to have my windowborder colored in 2 colors. A light green at the top and a darker green at the bottom. I did not want to have a smooth change so I used:Colorset 6 VGradient 2 rgb:c1/e6/9c rgb:6e/b2/2cBut when I set HilightBorderColorset to 6 I only get the darker green.

It should look like something like this

                 / |             Title        |
                 | +--------------------------+
     light green { |                          |
                 | |                          |
             50%->\|                          |
                  /|                          |
                 | |                          |
    darker green { |                          |
                 | |                          |
                  \|                          |

That’s because it doesn’t apply to window borders.

– Thomas Adam

ie. BorderStyle Active Colorset 6

As Thomas Adam said, that command doesn’t imply that ALL the parts of a colorset will be used in a given element. The window borders (I think, not sure) just use the bg element of a colorset. Though 3d borders are drawn differently, and I never looked into that.

– Jesús Guerrero

Not sure I follow you here, Gradients work just fine on a window border, wether it’s flat or 3d.

EDIT: I think I now see what you meant.
So a full explanation would be along the lines of:

The HilightBorderColorset “hi/Hilite/Hilight” affects the 3d-drawn (ie. without BorderStyle – flat) “hilight borders of borders”. And “sh/Shade/Shadow” of HilightBorderColorset the “shadow of borders of borders”. If you define just bg, and no hi/sh, then the 3d-effect values for hi&sh are calculated from the bg.
So the HilightBorderColorset -style definition does not affect the “inner” colours of a border, for that you need to use BorderStyle.


[size=85]I promise not to say “shadow of borders of borders” ever again.[/size]