Virtual screen + maximise

Is there a way to make a window as large as the physical screen size rather than the virtual screen? mplayer seems to handle this well when using xv, but now that i have an nvidia card i need to use the opengl driver.

I also use a couple of programs that look better at lower resolutions or that just don’t scale at all.

How do you mean? Unless you have an odd setting in your xorg.conf/XF86Config-4 file for ViewPort, any window which is maximized will take up the screen size of the virtual screen, which is the dimensions of the physical screen.

Or are you running Xinerama and you want a window to span across both screens?

– Thomas Adam

I’m running at 1280x1024. When i switch to 640x480, 800x600 or 1024x768 i’d like to be able to resize or center windows based on whatever resolution i’m currently using. Mplayer is able to figure this out when going fullscreen so i was wondering if there’s a way to do it with other windows in general.

I don’t get you still. How are you changing resolution? If it’s via something like xrandr, then you will have to restart FVWM so it picks up the correct screen size.

– Thomas Adam

If you are using some external tool to change the resoulition, you need te be aware that:

1.- You need to restart fvwm for it to be aware of the change.
2.- If you want panels that are autoresized, you need to define all the dimensions in fvwmbuttons and the like based on $[vp.width] and $[vp.height]. If all the metrics are based on calculations then the panels can be resized based on the resolution you use. If you use hardcoded values, there is no work around that.
3.- The rest of applications are not fvwm related. So, it all depends on the application. There is no easy way to resize them to keep the same relative aspect on a new resolution.

Already mentioned.

Again, already implied based on what X11 sets. (See previous post.)

In the case of MPlayer that’s still under FVWM’s controls and mitigated by setting style conditions.

– Thomas Adam

I use ctrl-alt-+ and ctrl-alt-- to resize the screen. I just found out I can use xvidtune -show to get the screen resolution (modeline, apparently). I think I can use that to make my own maximise function.