Vision (mostly Greyscale, with 3 (!) dots of color)

Hi folks,

may I proudly present to you my third fvwm-configuration (and the one I feel most comfortable with):

Big Screenshot

The Configuration (tar.bz2)

The most notable things:

  1. Alt + F1 shows a menu with the key bindings (manually maintained via a textfile)
  2. Alt + 1…n draws up a rxvt instance ssh’ing to configurable hosts (see config)… couple that with ssh’s authorized-keys method, you have a 1-touch ssh connection service :smiley:
  3. A horizontal conky instance at the top of the page (I can provide my conkyrc, too, if you are interested)

Have fun with it!

P.S.: I appreciate feedback (There be dragons!)

(Edit: Wrong URL)

Oh yes, there are dragons :wink:

I really like your colourscheme, for me the titlebars are a bit too thick, but then I’m a minimalist in that respect, it’s one of those things that drove me away from Enlightenment DR16…

I suspect you could create the keybindings dialog by parsing your FVWM configuration file with a script, hmm, maybe I should do that sometime :slight_smile:

All in all I quite like it :slight_smile:

ROFL even though I did not mean dragons literally…

well, yeah, I thought so, too. Actually, I was too lazy to put something together, but you are right, it seems doable (at least, in Perl g).