VoiDeRs (almost done) Config

This is my 12inc g3 ibook. Some of the stufff is mine but for the most part its hacked parts of others. Mainly parts from
And of course a Huge thanks to Nick Fortune for writing me a module to display email and battery status in my title bar. The screeshot doesnt do it justice tough. In order to get the weather working you need a module call Geo::Weather. Any other questions feel free to ask

Heres the screenshot
And heres the config files. http://thevoided.net/voiders_fvwm.tar.bz2
Its far from done but i figured id post and see what others think.

The screen is very nice :slight_smile:

Heres an update to mine. Added a few things to the bar, new background, and new Window decor. If anybody would like the config let me know and ill post it for ya.

Screen Shot

The screen looks really nice. Can you post your configuration file ?

By the way whats the font you are using for your menus ?