VoiDeRs Finished Config

Well after months of tweaking I have finally finished a config that i find extremly function and easy for me to use (thanks to everyone i barrowed bits of code from). Theres alot of things that a screenshot cant show like when i click on the mail icon it opens a menu that displays info about my new/old email and the icon changes when i have new mail. I will post the config files after i clean it up a bit. Theres alot of specialized things used in it which will make it kinda tricky to use, but if someone wants to use it ill try to get ya started. Heres the latest screenshot

I have just discovered Metisse and im going to be spending some time working with that. Hopefully my next set of screenshots will be from that.

I see fluxbar is on all screens 8)

Whats fluxbar if i might ask?


Can you also please post your .fvwm2rc file, as per the guidelines for this forum section, please?

– Thomas Adam


Awesome. I usually dont like too much gradients, but your config seems just nice. I like the concept of splitted menus on the top. The only thing that I would change is the transparency of xterm (cant stand transparent terms at all), thought being so black it is pretty readable still.

One question, in the bar above, I think that the cpu and net monitors are conky, aren’t them? But what about your volume control and the other monitors? Scripts?

Im downloading the config but will take a bit ( 56k modem still :laughing: ), some of these things could get a room in my config. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Hi again. Finally the tarball downloaded and I started playing with the thing. It is really nice. I moded the FvwmScript-Volume and made these changes:

-Changed pcm by master volume.
-Added font theming (I use vars to theme the fonts all over my config, so If I change the font its changed globally).
-Changed the paths to designate them in a relative manner, rather than in a hardcoded /home/user/…

I put the thing into one panel and it plays really nice, the only downside is that if you want to use it in a more real-time like fashion (ie, change the volume by scrolling the mouse and displaying instantly the updated volume) you need to do the Remainder agains 1 instead 2, and with truetype fonts it is not so nice (it flickers a lot), but that is a problem on fvwmscript (the same happens also in the clock script is you want to display seconds :frowning: ). I will play a bit with the other applets, they are really nice. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting your config.

Well the cpu and net graphs on the top bar are actually a program called xosview. The settings for it are actually in my Xdefaults ill post it if you want me to. Im not a big fan of gradients either but i wasnt a big fan of all the transparent docs either but when i ran across tln’s cathode window doecor i modified it a bit and ran with it. Originaly this was just my “quick throw together” theme but after months of tweaking it i fell in love with it.

I agree with you about the volume. I started looking into updateing it as the volume increases instead of just checking every few seconds but real life kicked in and i havent had time. If you figure it out please let me know. If you have any quetions please ask because i think i left out some of the scripts. Also the tray program in the bottom right corner is xystray incase you need that.

I know about it, but never saw it in such layout, thats why I got confused. Conky can also look that way. Anyway I use another methods to check cpu usage (mainly an htop instance into a panelized urxvt)

Yes, I dont like gradients but this seems nice. Still I preffer plain decos (I dont feel interest for gradients, but what I feel for transparencies is plain hate :smiling_imp: ), but I could certainly use that deco, I cant say it is ugly at all. :wink:

Uhmm… You gave me one idea. I centainly will report if I manage to do something usefull with my lacky programming knowledge. Anyway, the main problem seems to be in fvwmscript itself. It behaves sometimes in a bogus way when interacting with ttf fonts. Will bitmaps fonts all is ok and you can add as many cycles and checks as you want. My clock, for example does this:

Begin Set $AHour=(GetOutput {date '+%d/%b/%y - %H %M'} 1 -1) ChangeTitle 1 $AHour End Else Begin Set $AHour=(GetOutput {date '+%d/%b/%y - %H:%M'} 1 -1) ChangeTitle 1 $AHour End To get the dots effect, and there is no problem at all using terminus, but it flickers like an ovni when using some other true type font. Same for the mixer applet.

Thanks for your kind offer, but for now I managed to take all what i needed, that basically was the temp and mixer applet. I have some ideas to extend the functionality of the mixer. About the systray, I never used it, and dont plan to.

Thanks for all the details. Be sure I’ll report if I do some interesting addition. :smiley: