Wallpaper covers entire desktop

This might not even be a fvwm question but the effect I’d like to achieve is:

I’m using EdgeScroll 5 5. I like this effect but I’d like to have a background (wallpaper of equivalent size to the entire desktop) to pan with the page/viewport. Am I right in suspecting that it is the X display size/settings that I need to change and not .fvwm2rc?

I am also limited by very meagre hardware indeed, an old Advent/Asus laptop with some wierd slightly less than 800x600 display - so some fvwmEvent, fvwm-root trickery will just not work smoothly, I fear. I’m not quite sure where to start, or if this is possible at all.

Any pointers or comments at all are greatly appreciated. TIA.

I’m just wondering how you plan to achieve this effect. It’s not something
you can do easily – unless you run with something that runs with
EdgeCommand and EdgeLeaveCommand. And even then, things might flicker

– Thomas Adam

This approach has little to do with FVWM, but you could get a similar effect by making your desktop have a really, really big virtual resolution. By adding ‘Virtual xdim ydim’ to the Display subsection of the Screen section in your X config file you’d get a scrollable desktop with your one background image. The scrolling would be a little different and applications that go fullscreen could be something of an annoyance when they expand to fill all of the virtual desktop…

Yes that’s it alright. I’ll have to reduce color depth to get more real estate. The EdgeScroll is no longer necessary as the viewport pans across the desktop itself. Thomas is right too. Doing some sort of FvwmBacker thing at the screen edge would freak this old thing out. Time for some new hardware really. The Virtual xdim ydim works okay though, thanks guys.