wallpapers, icons etc

Where do you guys get your wallpapers and icons etc?
I saw everything on http://www.deviantart.com and http://www.customize.org but I can’t find what I’m looking for…

Ive been having a hard time finding nice full icon sets my self. Theres alot of neat stuff here http://interfacelift.com/ It all depends on what your looking for.



Most icons tend to come from places such as gnome-look.org and kde-look.org

– Thomas Adam

thanks… checking them out :stuck_out_tongue:

Some distinctive icon collections can be found at FOOOD’s Icons.


This is my favorite wallpaper and icon site.

Hi guys!
I also like the icons from InterfaceLIFT but I noticed that they changed format from .sit to .zip and now I don’t know the procedure to extract them ( I used to run Stuffit for Linux )…Anybody can help?

Thank you very much

Euhm, use unzip?

Yes…But after the unzip I got a folder with 0 bytes icon files:If I run icns2png on them I got:

File size is 0 - no data!
Segmentation fault

Could you please explain me your procedure?

Thank you :wink:

Hi Eclipse, I’ve noticed the same changes and, unfortunately, the same results. I’ve checked every possible unzip options (especially -bb) but nothing better happens. :confused:

The only option is to check the websites of the icon’s designer. They sometimes provides other formats directly readable on Linux or some old SIT archives that can be handled with StuffIt.

Bad news…That site was a really good source of nice icons…
Thanks for the advice pem :wink: