"Web browser" + "Internet" icons

Can’t quite decide if this is the right forum or not :slight_smile:

I’m designing a new set of icons for a new FVWM theme I’m working on. I’m trying to keep it as generic as possible, which is giving me problems when it comes to the web browser. . .

On my current config, I just use the Firefox icon as the “Browser” icon, and a globe as the “Internet” icon. But for a generic icon set, I can’t use FF. And I don’t want to use the same picture-of-the-world for both the Internet AND the Browser.

I’d prefer to use the world as a browser icon (World-wide web & all) so does anyone have a suggestion for a good “Internet” icon that ISN’T a globe? I’ve looked but not found. . .

What about a spider’s web?

I have considered that, but I’m not sure it would fit in with the theme very well. . .

I’ll post the icons I’ve already got when I get home so you can judge for yourself!

Here we are, the three icons I’ve done already. The small versions are for the menus, the big ones for the Buttons module. . .

So. . . what do you think. . ? A web?


why not a modem icon for the net and the globe for the browser ?
or a globe with a “@” ?

Because the icons he produced, are what he wanted – welcome to subjectivity. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam