What is the meening of get-config , save-try-config , get...

when I look at the code of themes, I can see line like:

Set $SendMsgAndGet = {fvwm-themes-com --name script-}$pid{ --lock-and... Set $cmd = $SendMsgAndGet{"get-config current globalfeel All" --line=1} Set $cmd = $SendMsgAndGet{"get-preferences"} Set $cmd = $SendMsgAndGet{'save-try-config }$Comp... Set $cmd = $SendMsgAndGet{'save-try-last-build 1'}
I tried to understand what are this external commands, but I couldn’t fing theit definitions, or fine a file under this name.
How can I see their code?
Where can I see the full list of succh commands?
How can I create such acommand for my selth?
Yoav Koren

[ Apologies with the delay in answering this. ]

First some flames are in order:

  1. When you’re posting a question – any question – that has output, PLEASE don’t truncate it, as you have with some of your lines above. I am not a mind reader, and I certainly don’t like guessing games.

  2. I don’t like referring people to man pages directly, but the answer to your question is contained completely within the: “man FvwmScript” command.

Now that that’s out the way, let me see if I can clarify what’s happening, and what it means.

FvwmScript (and the widgets it can contain) can all be made to do things – and react to things. Logically, it’s only natural that one might want to communicate, and ultimately receive results from external programs or scripts. What’s happening in the above example is that variables are being set as initial containers for the commands that the FvwmScript command SendMsgAndGet responds to.


Set $cmd = $SendMsgAndGet{"get-config current globalfeel All" --line=1}

… does two things. Firstly, ‘SendMsgAndGet’ sends a message to a command (the syntax as you have it is truncated) – the result of which is then stored in the variable $cmd.

man FvwmScript

man FvwmScript

If you also want to know more about communications protocol within FvwmScript, there’s an example perl one that’s bundled with the FVWM releases.

– Thomas Adam