what software do you suggest for system tray?

Hi, I’m trying to show nm-applet in my fvwm. I found that I need a system tray (do you confirm?).
I found stalonetray that needs KDE.
Would you mind suggesting me another way or another simple system tray to achieve this behaviour?
Thanks bye

I was not aware stalonetray needed kde, but not surprised

The only other one I heard of is trayer
which seems to require gktk2

what distribution do you use? Under Debiann no dependency to KDE exists. Also on Arch, Gentoo or Fedora.

I’ve tested all available trayers under FVWM but stalonetray is the only one which works with all applications wants to be sit in the tray.

– Thomas –

I also tried more than one tray in fvwm. And i returned back to stalonetray with this ~/.stalonetrayrc

transparent false no_shrink true sticky false #fuzzy_edges 0 tint_level 0 tint_color white #log_level info parent_bg true icon_gravity NW dockapp_mode none icon_size 18 sticky true window_layer top window_strut none window_type normal max_geometry 6x1 geometry 6x1

bye scientific