which script languages?

hi guys,
I was wondering which scripting languages can we use with FVWM except perl?

Depends on what you want to do with the langauge.

You can write modules in any langauge that can handle file descriptors. If you can write a module it’s fairly simple to write a generic interface into FVWM. That’s how FvwmCommand and FvwmPerl work.

And speaking of FvwmCommand, you can write shell scripts to interface with FVWM. And you can call FvwmCommand from other scripting languages if they support the execution of system commands, (and which of them do not nowadays?)

Then there’s FvwmScript, which is a scripting language in and of itself.

Did you have anything specific in mind?

for example I wanna make weather desklet?
which one is more suitable?

FvwmScript is easiest. I’d use Perl::Gtk, perlhead that I am. Whatever you choose you’d need something that handles X11 graphics so bash is pretty much out of it.

I’d go for FvwmScript.

ok man thanx, I’m gonna focus on fvwmscript then

hi again,

is it also possible to use python scripts with fvwm for “weather or mail check like things”

It is, depending on how they work. If the script is a graphic/x11 sort of script, you can swallow it in FvwmButtons or FvwmScript. If not you can use PipeRead or the FvwmScript equivalent to run it, capture the output and then use that to display the results (eg by changing an icon in FvvwmButtons using SendToModule)

There’s also FvwmPy an Fvwm Python module, even though it’s author seems to have vanished and I don’t know in what state the module is…

I’ll try this one out when I finally have some time to spend on other things than school, the amount of work’s been steadily increasing for the last couple of weeks… :frowning:

Anyway, when I do try it out and I find it useful I might consider trying to make it more current, if that would be necessary…