Who use the shake on fvwm ,please help me !

Apple Shake Interface handle problem!
The problem is the with the window border.If you open a window (shake-file open win) over the shake interface the border starts vibrating, if you put the cursor over the border its vibrating between your setting and the shakes default (windoze like) pointer. This effect makes 100% load of CPU.If You shading up the background window the smaller (shake-file open win) window border works normally. Thank you for Your help!
What do you think this problem!

I have absolutely no idea what you’re asking. Can you provide some sort of animation for us to watch? Or at least try and re-word your question, as it makes no sense whatsoever.

– Thomas Adam

oh,sorry,my english is so poverty. I try my best to explain what i means.
Start shake is no problem,then i click Read-File (load images),shake open a new
window.now,Cpu load 100%.I don’t konw,what’s error with it. I guess,The problem is the with the window border.

thanks for your help!

Doubt it. Since you’ve mentioned the “load images” window, I can only assume this is a transient window. As to why it would take up 100% CPU, I don’t know. I suspect it might be because it doesn’t close properly, and the parent window then throws a wobbly…

– Thomas Adam

I’m giving this question a uncomprehensibility rate of 5/5. Congrats!

I know what’s wrong with it. I start shake,then,i move the decor button 2,4,6 out
of my screen,and now i click Read-File (load images).Thus ,it’s no problem.Why?
What can i do for it?

I still cannot understand you.

– Thomas Adam