why i can not modify autohide function like this.

AddToFunc autohide
+ I ThisWindow ($0) TestRc (!Match) Break
+ I Deschedule $[w.id]
+ I ThisWindow (shaded) WindowShade off
+ I TestRc (Match) Break [color=red]this line seems not work[/color]
+ I All ($0,!shaded) autohide_hide $1 $2
[color=red]use autohide_hide function is ok[/color]

+ I All ($0,!shaded) WindowShade [

[color=red]this line also ok[/color]

+ I All ($0,!shaded) Schedule 1000 $[w.id] WindowShade [

+ I All ($0,!shaded) Schedule 1000 $[w.id] Deschedule $[w.id]

[color=red]but i want to write in one function, omit the autohide_hide, but is doesnot work.[/color]
AddToFunc autohide_hide
+ I Schedule $0 $[w.id] WindowShade $1
+ I Schedule $0 $[w.id] Deschedule $[w.id]
#+ I Lower [color=red]here also want immediatelly put to back, also not work, must use Layer 0?[/color]

[color=red]Edited by theBlackDragon:
–> Now, now, this definitely is no basic question, moving to complex functions.[/color]

Good God. I can’t believe I missed this. Mind you, it’s easy to overlook, seeing as there isn’t a question associated with it, but some random thoughts that I’m (as the person attempting to answer the ““question””) supposed to be able to infer as a problem statement.

eexpress, please rephrase and provide more detail about what it is you’re wanting to do, what’s not happening, and what you would like to see happen.

– Thomas Adam