Wiki gone

When going to the FVWMwiki for help this morning all I get is a “this server is not configured. nothing to see here” message. Anyone know what wrong?

Yes, there apparently is a problem with the machine the wiki was on, the admin is busy restoring the database, starshine will in the meantime update the wiki to the newest version…

It should be up again sometime tomorrow :slight_smile:

It took some more time, but the wiki is up again, two months worth of information has been lost though :frowning:

I nabbed a copy of the wiki, before I went “off-line”. If this can’t be restored, then at some point, I will make the files available. Although I hope this “loss” is temporary – else that’s a grave error in restoration. :neutral_face:

– Thomas Adam

As far as I know starshine used the latest backup the wiki admin made to restore and upgrade the wiki, so I’m afraid it won’t be restored any further :frowning: